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Just click the button to receive some very useful advice that applies to absolutely nothing that I can thing of.


If you come across a phrase that could be useful or is just too stupid to be anything
then send it to Big at and it may be posted right here
along with the name or alias of the person who found it.

A mob asking for wisdom never negotiates with six nuns in a volkswagon.

The lion floating on a cloud sometimes but not always walks on chilren at the zoo.

A tree wandering in the desert always dies for a flower.

A person praying to a basket of wheat seldom trips a priest.

A king asking for wisdom sometimes but not always loves a little too much with six nuns in a volkswagon.

The frog immersed in wisdom seldom converses with a monkey.

A person carrying Time Magazine frequently pursues that one guy in that one movie with that one thing.

A snake inside a bottle of ginseng sometimes but not always recieves a horse.

A child coveting a fly never steals a monkey.

Please only send phrases generated by the phrase generator.
Big doesn't know what they all are, but
he does know what words should and should not
show up. As for whether or not you found words in
phrases generated by the phrase generator and arranged them
yourself to form some wacky phrase, Big will have to
take your word that you didn't.
Please remember; the funniest ones are ones that just happen.

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