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This is the Site Agreement for, and applies to all pages and sub pages under the domain of "" If you wish to visit Big Fat Tiger Home you must comply with the rules and regulations described in this Site Agreement. "" or "" will hereby be refered to as "Big Fat Tiger Home".

Regulation #1

Any media content on this site is the property of MSHV. None of the content may be downloaded and/or used on any other site unless you are given expressed written permission by an official MSHV representative to use that specific piece of media.

Statement #1

The term media refers and applies to all movies, pictures, Flash content, audio, video, stories, articles.

Statement #2

If there is media on Big Fat Tiger Home that does not belong to Big Fat Tiger Home, it will be documented at the bottom of the page it is displayed on.

Promise #1

Big Fat Tiger Home does not steal information or media from other sites. If you see information or media on our site that is suppose to be explicitly on your site, then let us know by contacting us at

Regulation #2

Any e-mail address displayed on Big Fat Tiger Home may not be used for SPAM, junk mailing, ad mailing, or bulk mailing. You may only send questions, comments, or suggestions to Big Fat Tiger Home (

Only text may be e-mailed to Big Fat Tiger Home ( Any e-mail that contains attachments will be deleted from our mail boxes.

Statement #3

Big Fat Tiger Home has the right to edit articles, stories etc. that are sent to Big Fat Tiger Home before being published on the web site.

Statment #4

The adds that appear at the top and bottom of each Big Fat Tiger Home web page are not affiliated with Big Fat Tiger Home in any way. The adds are there because this site is being hosted for free by Tripod.

Statement #5

Any e-mail sent to becomes property of MSHV and can be used anywhere on the site that the author deems useful.

Regulation #3

Any pictures, photographs, images, logos viewed on Big Fat Tiger Home cannot be downloaded for any intents or purposes. Except where explicitly stated. In this case, the image, picture, photograph that is downloaded can only be viewed by the person who downloaded it for personal entertainment. The images, pictures, photographs, logos on Big Fat Tiger Home cannot be used on any other site or for any other public purpose.

Big Fat Tiger Home, and all images, logos, pictures, photographs may not be printed out. Further more, copying and pasteing text or other content from Big Fat Tiger Home is strictly off limits. 

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