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Walking down the Street

you see me on the street
and of many things you know
but so many more you do not understand

one day you may find
that once you had the time
but now I do not wish to take your hand

i called out to you
in the simple way i do
with a softness ever still before the storm

but like the mountain rock
you could not feel the shock
from my anger, sadness, and the lonely form

you see me on the street
and like the faces, greet
you smile just while walking, passing by

you give no second thought
some thing here may be awrought
and you do not focus so to hear my sigh

so you walk on down the street
and more faces do you meet
never knowing what is in store for them all

never knowing where they've been
who they are, and you judge them
only knowing what you see, what you call

so much more i wanted from you
when you saw me on the street
more than you thought, but not much big a deal

i wanted you to hear
listen to my hopes and dreams
to see that this is pain that i feel

i'm a normal boy you'd say
and you see me everyday
and you walk on down the road of life we live

well, i've pulled off the road
on my search for home
and a map from you would be a helpful gift


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