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Silent Angel

hangin' out
  with my friends and i'm thinking
  if i left would anybody care
and i sit here
  but am i really here at all
then i leave
  like i was never ever there

i get so close
  to someone and they don't even know
and i hear
  all the things they've kept secret for so long
and i find ways
  to help the others just like me
but then again
  i guess i'm really alone

group of friends
  number one gets pushed aside
someone else
  has something better than he had
we become friends
  but only for a little while
with a new toy
  now he's number one again

no cares about me
  but something they don't understand
if i was gone
  they'd have no where to turn to when
the rest of the world has pushed them out
and they don't have any friends

  and i see things
all thanks to the darkness of their hearts
things that bother others
and other things that bother them
  like a silent angel of the peace i stay awake
and they notice me
for a moment i can shine
but i know
they mean it from the darkness of their hearts


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