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Remember Me

on that day that was so long ago
when the world stood still
when the flowers bloomed
when the birds sang songs to the sky
the day I came alive with the Breath of the Earth
i became one to Remember

so remember me when i cry at night
when the darkness calls
when the moon shines
when the creaks and sneaks of the darkness
haunt all around
remember me

remember me when i try so hard
to make you that meal
to make you feel
that i love you so with all my heart
and try to show you with eggs and toast
that i always will, but despite the mess
remember me

remember me when i go to School
when i make My way
to spend the Day
in a New Place away from you
but still carry You with me; a piece inside
remember me

remember me when that car that flies
right down the street
and i sit in the seat
that controls the thing that takes me away from you
that keeps me moving away
remember me

remember me when the days fly by
when i move away
when i just can't stay
when i have to get back
after the visit is done but i have new things
to worry about
to remember about
but please remember me

remember me
when you're all alone
when you're the only one there
when you're starting to see
things have changed but i'll always be there for you
remember me too

and i will remember you
when i need your help
when i get in that fight
when i move away
when my family comes
when i'm all alone
when every one's gone
you can remember me

and i'll never forget all the pies and the cakes
and the times how they changed
but nothing can change
the times that we shared remembering
remembering to remember

remember me when things are all gone
when things are all wrong

remember that i remember you

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