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Movie Title Excuse

     One day, Matt, the student director for the school musical, didn’t show up at practice. The Director, Seńor Aqua, was angry, as he was if anybody didn’t show up at practice for no reason. He was especially mad because Matt didn’t say he wasn’t going to show up. But was that the real reason he was mad. Did he want everyone to be there on time and ready to go so they could make this the best production ever, or did Seńor Aqua have some deep dark anger that was building up inside from the many years of having to deal with useless kids that think they’re good actors… actually, he didn’t have any supper.

     At the next practice, Matt showed up, but he was late. Seńor Aqua asked him, “Where have you been and why weren’t you here Friday?” Everybody stared at him waiting for him to say something. Seńor Aqua wanted an explanation, but the rest of the cast wanted an elaborate excuse that would waste time. Usually, Matt gave a pretty stupid excuse that was as simple as, “I lost track of time,” or, “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” As Matt carried on his explanation, though, Seńor Aqua and the entire cast sat there in amazement. No body could move an inch. The story that Matt released from his mouth was to stupid to be true, but was so remarkable coming from Matt that everyone was motionless. Matt’s story went something like this…

     “…I was on my way here, in my car, when I got pulled over by a police man. He came to my window and asked, ‘So, The World is not Enough, huh?’ I didn’t really understand. He went on saying, ‘Octopussy is looking for her Goldeneye, and The Man with the Golden Gun caught Ana and the King.’ I knew that couldn’t be true because The King and I were at the Dances with Wolves. So the cop wished me good luck and I drove off to come here. That’s when things started getting really strange.

On my way over, The Empire Strikes Back at the Mexican, who was trying to sell Poltergeists to the Bone Collector. With The Return of the Jedi, the Titan A.E. gave Ferris Beuller’s Day Off to Alladin, the Prince of Thieves. Jaws was feeling Lčs Miserables because the Terminator didn’t know Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and The Client was mad at his Step Mom for dating the Phantom Menace. The Men in Black asked Batman to become the Invisible Man, but Batman Returns to Jurassic Park with the X-Men who went Back to the Future after meeting the Addams Family, who hired Inspector Gadget who tried Saving Private Ryan which was hard because a Twister got Lost in Space. Then Mr. Nice Guy had to Remember the Titans or The Man in the Iron Mask would kidnap Cinderella and The Rookie who went Back to the Future 2. And out of the 15 minutes this all took place, it was all Gone in 60 seconds.”

Everybody was amazed to the extent of themselves and Matt got off the hook.

The End


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