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How can you love yourself

one day i met a man who held the other side
of every little argument
of any little kind
he would talk to people but they would not talk back
instead they would just stare and ask
"how could you say that"

for every little penny for every little thought
he gave his two cents worth
if people liked it or not
no one ever liked it, or even liked that man
they yelled and scorned and raged at him
but always he chimed in

his logic: too arithmatic, his sense: too sensible
his thoughts, ideas: too out there
his face: always a smile
people didn't like him cause he just made too much sense
what this man was thinking
was too much for one to address

no one likes him now, and no one ever did
all grown up and on his own
or when he was a kid
i asked him one fine day "how do you love yourself?
when no one else seems to loves you
how do you keep your health"

he looked at me and smiled and said so very kind
"i state things people do not like
and some find that a crime
other people hide themselves behind the popular crowd
i myself am different
i say things out loud"

"i stand up for what i believe in and for what is true
you've heard me say everything else
now listen to this too
if there is one thing that you should learn from me
be only who you are inside
that's what it should be"

"how can i love myself, when no one else wants to
because i know deep in my heart
the real me is shining through"

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