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"Goodnight dear," says my mother as I tuck myself into my warm bed. I respond with "goodnight, mom," as I close my eyes...and...get ready to hibernate. What, don't all bears hibernate? That's what I thought. Goodnight.

"Yawwn!" Morning. Time to get out of bed and go collect some nuts and berries. That's what squirrels like to eat, right? Good! Oh look, there's my friend. "Hey Josh," I yell! "Hey, how ya'll doin'," he yells back! He then asks, "want to go over to my house and play some video games?" Sounds good to me, so we hop on our bikes and ride over to Josh's house.

When we get there we do our homework and then play a little Mario Kart. We're riding down the street in our go-karts, passing up Donkey Kong and slipping bananas in front of Luigi. I quickly race to the lead. All I have to do now is get in front of Josh. I grab the shift stick and put it in second gear. I speed up and I get closer and closer. I hit the ramp and I'm now flying at almost 120 miles per hour now! I will show the world I have the fastest hang glider in the world! Oh no! Josh is gaining! "Captain, we must make the jump to light speed," I exclaim!

As we come out of light speed we encounter the evil Megalord Joshua-9. This is not good. The captain yells to Henson, "shields up!" Joshua-9 fires his plasma rays. Our shields are hitting critical lows. BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ-red alert!-BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ-Shift to auxiliary power!-BUZZ-BUZZ-CLICK! Oh! My alarm. It's morning already? Well, time to get ready for school...Hey! This isn't my room. Where am I...?

The End

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