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     Everybody loves comedy, and comedians love being funny. When you see that a movie is coming out and the previews are really taken lightly, you know itís going to make you laugh and thatís what you expect. When you go to see a live performance of a comedian, you expect them to make you laugh. When you hear the word ďcomedyĒ you expect some thing to be funny. Iíll bet when you read the title of this story you thought it was going to funny, but itís not.

     Comedians are expected to be funny, hilarious, knee-slapiní, gut-bustiní people, ya, you knew that already, but how do they get funny? Itís really not that hard to be funny. You just have to say or do the right thing at the right time. Comedians are very well trained in the area of timing. Normally, though, comedians make fun of people. These people include mostly parents or family, teachers or mentors, and girl friends or friends in general. Why do they make fun of these people, you ask? Because itís so easy! You know so much about your family that you can pick out the really annoying, stupid, or embarrassing things that theyíve done. Plus, you have practically an entire lifetime of material to choose from.

     Teachers are easy to make fun of because every kid had that teacher that was crazy strict. So, you can say how your health teacher used to leave your class with the student teacher, who didnít know what she was doing, and go outside to smoke, and then later died of a heart attack from smoking too much. Most people would find that funny, unless you were one of the kids who were hoping she would die so you wouldnít have class.

     Girlfriends are the easiest to make fun of because girls always complain about how they look, or that theyíre fat, and whatever you tell them is never good enough. And then blonde girlfriends are the most fun to make fun of, and easiest because all you have to do is buy a book of blonde jokes and just relate them to you girlfriend.

     O.K. So comedians make fun of people to be funny. Big deal, what does this have to do with anything? Well, how about I tell you, since I canít tell professional comedians. When you make fun of someone, you have to be really careful. Even thought a lot of people donít really mind being made fun of, most people do. Feelings and human emotions are not something to tamper with. Lots of people get hurt everyday from amateur comedians, or bullies, making fun of them, and thatís exactly where it starts.

     There was this kid once, letís call him Toby, who was not the coolest kid at all. As a matter of fact, he wasnít even cool enough for the losers. Everyday, the school bully, Mitch, would make fun of him. He would pick on some thing that Toby did, or was wearing. He made fun of Toby so much in one day, Toby would go home silently crying to himself. This continued for a long time, all the way up until their senior year of high school.

     Now Mitch is a pretty funny guy and everybody he knows tells him he should become a comedian. So, at the school talent show, Mitch did a little segment, mostly making fun of school officials, teachers, his parents...etc. Then he started talking about this one kid he knew in grade school. Toby, who was sitting in the audience, snapped. He sprinted towards the stage, jump over two teachers, flew onto the stage and beat the living tar out of Mitch. While they were both waiting outside the principles office, Toby told Mitch about how he felt, and how much he hated him. Something no one had ever told Mitch directly to his face before, in such a tone as to make Mitch believe that Toby really hated him.

     So whatís the point? Mitch always thought that Toby didnít pay attention to what he said or did to him. He figured that Toby brushed all the insults off his shoulder. He thought that Toby had his own friends with whom Toby made fun of "stupid old Mitch" all the time. Mitch didnít know that he was really hurting Toby, deeply. Mitch and Toby never made up or became friends, but Mitch did say he was sorry. Years later Mitch opened his own bakery and never made fun of anyone ever again. He realized that people donít always show what they feel. He also realized that he missed out on, what could have been, a great friendship with Toby, who become a comedian know around the world for his unique style of comedy.


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