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all he Needs

There was a kid
Back in school
Who no one looked at
Or talked to.
A kid that everybody thought
That’s the way he wanted it.

Then one night
I had a dream.
My guardian angel appeared to me.
She told me
To help this boy.
One friend would give him
A world of joy.

At first I wasn’t really sure.
He seemed strange to me,
But not to her.
I asked her why I had to do this,
She whispered a reply to me…

How could you live with this pain in his heart?
No one deserves to be
Shut out from the start.
He needs someone to take his hand.
Someone who will be his friend.

I tried to be his friend and
He tried to shove me away,
But I never did give up on him,
Not for one single day.

I got to know him well and
He got to know me too.
We brought out the real him,
Before the year was through.

If you see someone
Who is sitting all alone,
Try to be their friend,
Invite them to your home.

You never know about people
Unless you get to know them well.
By making assumptions
You’re no better
Than a tattle-tale.

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