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Faceless - A comic strip that I draw.

Pixtudio - NOT to be confused with, which is something totally different.

Project T.O.C. - not a very big site, but I would do more with it if I had more time...don't I say something about people having more time than they think they have...?

Cipher Space Zero - a list of links and faves of mine. Basically just my Internet Explorer favorites.

MSHV - the only website that I own which runs from a server I own. It a movies site. Movies that I have made...most of them pretty old, but still good...well, good enough for You Tube.

MorrisTS - This is a site for my dad's business. Its pretty old but still viable. I've got some computer tips up there right now.

BigFatTigerHome is an MSHV Site
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