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About Big

Big is on his way searching for the end of the internet. When he gets there, he'll let you know.

Here are some funny Jokes by some guy or something, but they really are funny. Even some lists and things I haven't seen anywhere else before. Although there are a few that I've heard.

Same guy as above. This is his site held on Purdue's servers I guess. He has some funny pictures here. - they have some funny pictures but not as many as it looks like they would have

eyeQ - take the demo test. I is actually pretty neat, you really can feel like you're reading faster at the end of the demo
Funny Humor Funny Signs
These guys have hundreds of Top Ten lists for each year going back to 1995.
These are funny/silly lists and you can even add your own item to upcoming lists.
Your item will compete with hundreds of others and may not be picked, but it's still fun anyway. 

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