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Gutter Ball

Gutter Ball is a game that is played in a swimming pool. Each player tries to score on the other player by throwing a splash ball (or sponge ball) into the opposing player's gutter. The first person to get to 15 wins.

At my local pool, the goals are determined by "No Diving" signs and depth markers. No matter what you use to define your goals, make sure they are clearly defined. The goals should be about two feet wider than your wingspan (distance from the tip of one hand to the tip of the other). Also, it is best to play Gutter Ball at a pool which has a gutter system that allows the ball to hit the gutter wall and fall into the gutter. See the diagram.


And then, here are some rules:

  • If you get the ball into the gutter, you get 1 point

  • The first person to get 15 points wins

  • The ball counts as a point if it enters the goal between the goal lines, even if it rolls out of the goal. But, if the ball rolls into the goal, it does not count. The ball must enter the goal between the goal lines.

  • You can stop the ball from entering the goal by catching it, hitting it, stopping it with the body, or even kicking it with the feet. You cannot pull the ball out of the gutter or catch the ball while it is falling into the gutter.

  • If you throw the ball into your own gutter, it counts as 1 point for the opposing player.

  • You cannot be farther than 3 feet away from your wall.

  • You cannot throw the ball while out of the water.

  • For every 5 times you throw the ball past the other player's goal (outside the pool) you will give the other player one of your points.

If you want, you can also play in teams of two. If this is the case, try and make the goals about 3 feet wider than both wingspans added together. Also, you should play to 20 points for the win. Another things about doubles play is that one of the team members can play in front of the other and try to stop the ball. They cannot cross the half way mark nor can they throw the ball from that far out, but the other team may have a harder time making points.


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