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Big the Tiger is an alter ego. If you know what that is, then skip down a couple of lines if you want. If you don't know what that is, then I'll explain it to you. An alter ego is like another personality. Having an alter ego is kinda like saying that a person has schizophrenia but they don't do any harm because that person only acts like the other personality in a third person form on such things as web pages, chat rooms, and even letters to the editor. So if you are a person of average brain power you have probably figured out the rest of this bio...Yes, Big is really just some college kid who has enough time on his hands that he can pretend to be a tiger and make a web site for him. Even this bio was written by that same kid under the alter ego of "Speech-man." So in review, this web site is made by a human, is about a tiger and has no reflection in a pool of water under 31 degrees Celsius. So have fun browsing the site and feel free to e-mail Big with any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else, even though they will not actually be read by a tiger.

Big also wanted me to tell you that he is not fat. He is just, what we refer to in the jungle as a "leftbehind." 

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